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It's been a dream of mine to have a raw food community - one that is working together in local, organic, sustainable & fun ways. When I moved to VT, I realized quickly that raw food wasn't widely-known. It's becoming more prevalent which is awesome but in my mind, it's still in its infancy (maybe it's a toddler now).

What will raw food communities look like here in VT? My own thoughts are of permaculturists, herbalists, mother earth lovin' peeps & local farmers might all see the connections & want to join this greater dream of a healthy planet while supporting local farmers, local environment & local economy. And how to have a community when there is so few that really understand this way of eating/ living? Well, that is where the fun begins...

Please join me in whatever way works for you. Start a raw food potluck. Sign up for my weekly (or so) newsletter. Take a class or workshop, read some books on the subject, send me an email. Try this easy recipe below & email me your feedback.

Chocolate Pudding recipe
by Linda Wooliever

This was among the very first recipes that I made when I experimented with raw food. I ate this for breakfast sometimes. How can you feel deprived when you eat like this?

2 bananas
• 1 avocado
• 1-2 Tbsp raw cacao powder (or raw carob)
• 1 tsp raw honey or agave (optional)

Mix in a food processor until it becomes smooth like pudding.

Serves 2.

Take some raw action!

Thank you for your good words, thoughts & deeds.

Love & many blessings,


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Brian Clement, N.M.D., Ph.D., author, international lecturer and director of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, will speak on “Change Your Lifestyle, Save Your Life; How to Prevent Aging and Heal Disease” at the next Optimum Health Solution/ Raw New England Community Dinner Speaker Series on Tuesday, September 21, 5:30 – 9:30 p.m., at the United Methodist Church, 430 Walnut St., Newton.
Learn how you can have abundant energy and lengthen your life span.
Cost $15 on line or $20 at door.  For potluck, bring an organic raw/vegan dish to feed 8 or  pay $10 extra..  Questions, call Betsy Bragg 781-899-6664.

Optimum Health Solution

There's great things happening in our extended New England raw food community. One site to check out is Optimum Health Solution for their information and calendar of events.

Raw New England Community

Another event packed place to check out is the Raw New England Community. They started with a small potluck at someone's house and it has grown quite large in a relatively short time. Inspirational to see what they are doing. Their calendar of events is here.

Burlington Alive Potluck

Joshua and Carrie Anne are super fun people. They have a great monthly raw food potluck and I want to support them as much as I can. Here is the link to their meetup.


How to Take Action

Here's a short list of organizations that will get you started with your RAW food ACTION:

The Center for Food Safety
Get all the latest news, sign up to receive action alerts, sign petitions, and read background information

Genetic Engineering Action Network
Download or request their comprehensive local action toolkit

Organic Consumers Association
Join the 'Millions Against Monsanto' campaign and sign its petition

The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods
Help get the 'Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act' passed

Say No to GMOs!
Get access to all the information you need


AMS Farmer's Market
(202) 720-8317
Listing of farmer's markets nationwide, by state

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
Links for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms across the
country, and tons of information about CSA farming


links to some raw food information & resources

my weekly (or so) raw food emails

my friend Terry's recipe demonstrations: Todd's Waldorf Supreme,Garlic Dill Dressing, Sesame Avocado Dressing, Mock Turkey & Cranberry Sauce, Southwest Kale Salad, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Banana Ice Cream

• YIPPEEE!! There is a raw permaculture place out there! My dreams are also others dreams!

Cornerstone Permaculture - Matthew Delorey, the reggae permaculture man who came up with a beautiful design for the gardens around our yellow house. He's the man!

Worcester Woods Farm - Bonnie and Seth grow some kick ass veggies! Check out their CSA if you live in or near Worcester, VT.

Vermont Birth Network - not food related but definitely lifestyle related. Imagine a directory of everything to do with birthing right here in VT!

Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism - my kids have been a part of this wonderful organization - taking steps to reconnect us to the earth. - not food related but certainly lifestyle related: attachment style parenting, democratic discipline, etc.

Vermont Dietetic Association - I'm doin' my raw food thang for them in May 2008! - a Vermont based source for fresh cut organic wheatgrass and sprouts, organic sprouting seeds and beans and a variety of tools and informational resources. - another Vermont based source for sprouting & indoor gardening kits and information.

In Defense of Food - an excellent interview on Democracy Now with Michael Pollan. He talks about everything including the localvore movement,  the fossil fuels used in transportation of food, processed food. Everything. This looks like a great book.

Green Bags - expensive but came to me as a good recommendation.

Evert Fresh Bags - cheaper and virtually the same as the Green Bags. I have these and daggonit they do work!

Raw New England Community

"The Raw Superiority Complex" by Frederic Patenaude - I like this one because it's all about guilt and shame surrounding the food you eat, that is NOT having it!

"Fanaticism in the Raw Food Movement" by Frederic Patenaude - long article but good.

"Kicking the Caffeine Habit" by Caroline MacDougall

Lynda Carter's raw food website

Natural Zing (store)

Joseph Lucier's live food website

Ann Wigmore

Hippocrates Institute

Alissa Cohen

• Gabriel Cousens Tree of Life Rejevenation Ctr

• Rhio's informational raw food site

Weston Price Foundation

About Enzymes and the work of Edward Howell, MD

Ann Wigmore Chart for Raw & Living Foods

• Article on eating raw in the winter

• Victoria Boutenko was on Gabriel Cousen's radio show and it was pretty interesting to listen to. She was on on the 27th of October, 2006. Here's the link to the archives

Alissa Cohen's radio interview is episode 16 (scroll down.)

Gabriel Cousen's radio interview is episode 14 (scroll down on the page.)

• The Milks Alive website is dedicated to plant based milks. Rita Rivera's Milks Alive book features 140 milk recipes made from nuts and seed!


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