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this is it! if you are looking for the best nut milk bag, juicing strainer or sprouting bag, you've found it. Not only are they high quality and hand made in our shop here in Vermont, they are among the best priced nut milk bags on the internet. yippee!

I love Vermont Fiddlehead's nut milk bags, because they are so easy to clean and they last forever. I use them for everything from straining my green juices to making nut milks and everything in between. My husband uses them when he makes homemade beer as well! And, I love that they are made in the US. So many nut milk bags are made in China or other countries where work conditions are far from optimal. These are the only nut milk bags I sell in my store, and I don't ever intend to look elsewhere! Thank you VF for making such a high quality product! —Joanna from

"Linda's Vermont Fiddlehead's Nut Milk Bags are the best that I have ever experienced! They are durable and don't leak! I know of many people that have successfully used these nut milk bags every day during their 92 Day Juice fast without any problems!" —Matt Monarch,

an interview! (oct 2010) (incredible smoothies peeps!)

a lil raw food world interview (aug 2009)

Download our product sheet here
(ask us about custom sizes)
9 x 12
9 x 12 nut milk bag sprouting bag
9 x 12
tapered nut milk bag sprouting bag
12 x 12
12 x 12 nut milk bag sprouting bag

9 x 12 nut milk bag sprouting bag
tapered nut milk bag sprouting bag
12 x 12 nut milk bag sprouting bag
12 x 12 nut milk bag sprouting bag

We also have Hemp Bags now too!

we finally got some videos up. this is the HOW TO WASH YOUR BAG when you first get it and each time you use it video. :-)

how to make nut milk and keep your bags lasting a long long time. :-)

Product Description:

high-quality reusable nut milk bag and juicing strainer. each bag is handmade and quality tested to ensure that you receive the finest product. satisfaction guaranteed.

these bags are ideal for any number of straining or sprouting uses. fine mesh material minimizes sediment and allows for sprouting of even the smallest of seeds and grains, while bias cut, surge sewn construction ensures durability.

a few links have been created to show how to use and care for this product, how to make juices with this bag, how to make nut milks and how to sprout. plus recipes to make things with the mash that's left over! fantastic!

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