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give me that good ol' Vitamin D please!

golly, I'm in the news!

my weekly (or so) raw food emails

• I had a little write up in Seven Days again (3/12/08).  Very nice. Here's the link: - Short and sweet. I love it. Here's pdf of it if you'd like as well - 36.7KB

• linda wooliever (that's me) is featured in the Raw Vegan Network e-newsletter. (To subscribe, go to their website: and on the left hand side, there is a link to sign up for their newsletters.) pdf of this newsletter - 208KB

• linda wooliever is in the Onion Skin, Burlington's City Market/Onion River Coop monthly Newsletter. Here's a link to the 7.5 MB pdf off their website as well as the pdf itself right here (1.3 MB) and page 7 only as a (jpg - 168 KB) or (pdf - 318.2 KB)

• linda wooliever's classes mentioned in burlington free press - living section, november 23, 2006 "Tasteful gifts: Ideas to please foodies with special requests" - or view pdf (905.4 KB) - article written by Susan Green

• linda wooliever's classes mentioned in burlington free press - entertainment/weekend section, november 2, 2006 "Fresh Bites for the Holidays" - or view pdf (871.9 KB) - article written by Melissa Pasanen

• linda wooliever featured in seven days food section, november 1, 2006 "What’s Not Cooking?"- or view pdf (376.7 KB) - article written by Suzanne Podhaizer

• found this link as well:

• article in worcester's grapevine, pg. 2, issue 4 volume 1 (jpg - 89.8 KB)

• recipe in worcester's grapevine, pg. 2, issue 5 volume 1 (jpg - 45 KB

• press release sent out august 11, 2006 (pdf - 179.1 KB)


testimonials - little warm fuzzies that I want to post up

raw food challenge feedback:
Hi Linda!

I wanted to check in with you to let you know how great I'm doing! I've had a really good time this week with the meal plan! I can't believe how much better I feel in only a week. I definitely noticed a change in my energy level and my skin is really clear. I'm already looking into more recipes that I'm going to make this week!

I just had a question about sprouting...

Other than that, I'm all set, doing pretty well. Thanks again for all your help and we'll be in touch soon!

Have a great day,
[beautiful person]


god & goddess butter feedback:

"just LOVED your stuff & had to get more before I ran out! I have to tell you, that nut butter is going to make you rich and famous! I've never tasted anything like it and omg it's incredible. There aren't even words to describe it. Thank you for bringing some down to share with me! ... You definitely have a knack for food. If raw food can taste this good I need to eat more of it!"

"Your goddess butter is the only thing that's kept me out of the candy jar at work these past two weeks. For 2 years straight (since I started the job), I was unable to resist the pull of chocolate calling to me from the office candy bin. Every day I would indulge and every day I'd regret it. Now for the first time, I have a tasty substitute that doesn't make my heart beat fast or make me feel sick afterwards. Thank you for giving us good alternatives!"

"BTW- just bought your god and goddess butter last night- FABULOUS!!!!!!!!"


grab & go salads (the eggless egg salad, chick-UN salad, RAWsome Chilli, Zucchini Pasta w/Marinara and the NOT Tuna) feedback:

"I wanted to let you know that I very much enjoyed your eggles egg salad and your not tuna salad; I purchased them at Sweet Clover in Essex Junction. They were delicious."

"i wanted to let you know  how much i enjoy the items you sell thru' the montpelier coop (especially the cashew & walnut items)--they are tasty, satisfying & reasonably priced... thanks for making these raw delights avail for those of us racing around"


vt-fiddle feedback:

"Good morning from PA!  First off, let me say that has been a terrific tool for me.  I found it through a Google search and literally read through the entire site.  I am a dedicated raw food enthusiast. I love to plant my own flowers, fruits, and vegetables.  Your website has been an amazing source of quality information, and since I will be moving to Vermont shortly your site is a perfect fit!"


spice cookies and super mint fudge and super orange fudge feedback:

"Hiya - was just over at City Market and found your other goodies!! I'm eating your spice cookies now and also have some orange mint fudge in my desk drawer. Those cookies are so good and really hit the spot after a big salad. This weekend I'll have to try your white chocolate as a treat."

"I've since begun traveling up to VT about once a month for my work ...I'm in the natural food industry, I do education and sales.  I was just reading your info in the raw food newsletter and realized that it was your delicious cookies and tuna I ate up there in Hunger MT and other stores ...they're great!"


raw food workshops & classes feedback:

"I took your raw foods workshop at the Coop last night and it was great, thanks again! It was fun and informative."

"Linda is a great teacher"


mystery box feedback:

"Hi Linda: Thank you Thank you Thank you  what a treat.  I have missed your chili.  The hazelnut fudge is EXCELLENT!!!   The God Butter is FANTASTIC!!!  (haven't tried the goddess yet)  I think these 3 are my favorites!  I tell you--if I lived up your way you would be seeing my face 3x's/day.  It is such a pleasure to be able to order your products and have them delivered to my doorstep! Many Thanks and have a Goddess Day! I almost forgot---after the delicious taste of everything-I then observed the packaging-love your jars (nice shape and labels).  Also your labels on the cookie and cracker package are super!!  Keep up the great work!"

(Aw, shucks. Thanks ya'll! Please keep the feedback comin'.)

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raw food vermont
some pictures. this is a photoshopped version of a flower in my yard.

raw and living foods

eating raw in winter
I like these sunflower pictures. As you can see, I had some fun with them.

live food

enzymes in live food

eating raw in winter

raw food

raw and living foods
by the way, Pat Hazouri took most of the photos on this website. She's good! I only doctored them...

raw vermont
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