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how to make fresh, raw juice using our bags
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we finally got some videos up. this is the HOW TO WASH YOUR BAG when you first get it and each time you use it video. :-)

how to make nut milk and keep your bags lasting a long long time. :-)

how to make juice with a nut milk bag
A Juicing Dream
So, you don’t have a big, heavy, expensive and many-parts-to-clean juicer? No problem! You can use this bag in a similar way that you made nut milk to make juices!

Just blend your fruit/veggies in the vitamix with water. Pour through the juicing bag into a pitcher or container. Squeeze the pulp until all the juice comes out. It’s super easy! Rinse and clean as usual.

TIP: When traveling, you can use this handy bag with your personal blender/food processor for fresh fruit and veggie juices! Yippy-Skippy!

Deliciously Detoxifying Drink*:

This is technically a juice that you can make without needing an expensive and hard-to-clean juicer.

* 1-2 cups purple grapes
* 1 cup Italian flat parsley
* 1 cup filtered water
* 1 scoop VitaMineral green (optional)*

Put grapes and parsley in pitcher and add water.

Blend and strain through a nut milk bag. Put juice back in the blender and add some vitamineral green to boost up the green goodness.

Scroll down for detailed instructions...


There's the ingredients in the VitaMix pitcher (all except the VitaMineral Green)

Blend the ingredients for a few seconds - use the plunger tool if need be.

Pour the contents of the VitaMix through the juicing bag making sure there is a big bowl underneath to catch the liquid.

Start squeezing. Squeeze in the center first and alternate squeezing the top, center and bottom of the bag.

Keep squeezing (only takes a minute or so) until the liquid comes out.

As you can see, the bag becomes deflated quickly as the juice gets in the big bowl underneath.

Just a few last squeezes to get the last drips out of the bag.

Now it's time to pour the contents back into the VitaMix pitcher.

I know it looks like I just poured the entire contents of the VitaMineral Green bottle but I didn't. There was only about a tablespoon left so I just dumped it in. (Time for a new bottle!)

Blend again for just a few seconds...

Pour into your favorite glass or jar...

OH! We're excited to try it!

YUM - it tastes VERY yummy!

*More juice recipes! Over 70 recipes for making juices, smoothies and soups that can all be made in your blender and using your juicing bag.


Juicing Pulp Recipe
And hold on a second! Before you compost that veggie pulp here’s a recipe that I use to make crackers after making juices. I’m big into using everything so that there is little waste.

Linda’s Basic Veggie Pulp Crackers Recipe
• 2 cups flax seeds
• 1 cup pulp from making fresh juice
• 1 tsp dry ginger or 1 inch fresh ginger
• 1 tsp garlic powder or 2 cloves fresh garlic*
• 1 tsp celtic sea salt or 2 T nama shoyu
• water as needed
• drizzle of honey/agave if you’d like a sweet/savory taste to your crackers (not necessary)

Blend flax seeds in the VitaMix - making sure the pitcher and the seeds are DRY when you blend them! Blend until they turn into flax meal and pour into a bowl. Put remaining ingredients in VitaMix, add water if needed to process ingredients until smooth. Pour into flax meal and mix with spoon. Spread flat onto teflex sheet or parchment paper on the dehydrator tray. Dehydrate for 4-6 hours at 105º and flip. Dehydrate until desired crispiness is achieved. *if using sweet fruit pulp, you might not want to add garlic but experiment and see what turns out to be your favorite.


Below are our handy-dandy nut milk bags...

9 x 12 nut milk bag sprouting bag
tapered nut milk bag sprouting bag
12 x 12 nut milk bag sprouting bag

9 x 12 nut milk bag sprouting bag
tapered nut milk bag sprouting bag
12 x 12 nut milk bag sprouting bag

Check out our reusable hemp tea bags too!

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