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Reusable Bags, Renewable Materials

Use this bag for making brewed teas or sun teas. Also works for coffee and coffee substitutes! I don't know about you, but I'm a tea drinker. I LOVES my tea particularly when it is COLD outside (and believe me, it gets cold outside here in VT. It gets cold inside here too!) :-)  So with all this beautiful, renewable hemp material we're using to make our handy dandy nut milk bags, we thought we should make some handy dandy reusable TEA bags too! Oh how fun! Get yours today. Or buy one as a gift for someone you know who loves tea or has cold hands and feet. They will thank you for it. :-)

1 tea bag
single reusable hemp tea bag
3 tea bag
package of 3 reusable hemp tea bags
5 tea bag package
package of 5 reusable hemp tea bags

Product Description:

100% hemp, reusable tea bag. Each bag comes with a bamboo stick. Very strong and durable. Use this bag for making brewed teas or sun teas. Also works for coffee and coffee substitutes!

To use: When you first take the bag out of the package, wash it under the tap with a teeny drop of dish soap. Make sure ALL the soap is rinsed out before using it.

If you are brewing tea, place a tsp of your favorite loose tea into the Hemp Tea Bag and insert the bamboo stick into the little button holes on the bag. Then place the bag into your favorite tea cup or mug. HINT: The bamboo stick rests on the lips of the cup. Pour in your hot water and let steep as you normally would. Enjoy!

For making sun tea, you'll want to add a tablespoon into whatever pitcher you are doing and follow the same instructions as above. You'll want to lightly cover with a clean cloth when putting outside in order to keep out curious insects. Alternatively, you can use 2 or 3 Hemp Tea Bags for sun-brewing a large quantity of sun tea.

To clean: Empty the loose tea into your compost bin.
Turn Hemp Tea Bag inside out and rinse thoroughly under the tap. Let dry on your dish drying rack. It's that simple! Every few uses, you will want to wash with a teeny drip of dish soap.

NOTE: It's OK to lightly stretch the material after washing to have it dry flat and to keep the weave open.
Hemp can tend to tighten up a bit in washings. It's a
VERY durable material.

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