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level 1 & level 2 classes

• I teach Alissa Cohen's Level 1 and Level 2 living on live food certification classes.

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raw food

level 1 - living on live food chef certification course (introductory course)

- learn how easy it is to be a raw / live food chef!

You won't believe how incredibly easy it is to make delicious food for yourself, your family and friends! Much faster than cooking foods. Learn ways to incorporate these simple recipes into your every day life.

what we cover in the Level 1 - Living on Live Food Chef Certification Course:
• What a raw and living food diet is
• How to get excited about raw food
• How to prepare delicious gourmet raw food meals, simply and easily
• How to shop for raw food
• How to stock your kitchen and set up your environment for raw food
• Kitchen equipment use

raw food recipes chosen:
Mock Salmon Pate
Stuffed Portabello Mushroom Caps
Collard Roll-ups
Date Nut Torte
Berries & Cream
Angel Hair Pasta with Marinara Sauce

when: once a month on Fridays
where: 18 Worcester Village Rd, Worcester, VT
cost for Alissa Cohen's Level 1 class: $125. Please call to register: 223-2111.

To see future dates for the Level 1 class, check my calendar page.

live food
I was playing around in photoshop. sorry if these bug you.
this is the ingredients for the date nut torte, my favorite!

raw and living food
the yummy collard roll ups. mmm... I'm hungry!

raw and living food
photoshop again! this is the ingredients for the creamy, hearty broccoli soup.

raw food vermont
ingredients for the marinara sauce

level 2 - living on live food instructor certification course - here's where the fun really begins!

We'll be sprouting, dehydrating & talking about everything raw food! We'll be making & eating pizza, calzones, enchiladas, rye bagels, & chile with onion dip. Wow, I'm in heaven!

what we cover in the Level 2 - Living on Live Food Instructor Certification Course:
• Preparing elegant gourmet meals
• Sprouting and dehydrating techniques
• How to encourage and help people stay raw
• Dealing with daily raw food living such as environment, friends and family, and traveling while raw
• People’s experience while raw
• What happens emotionally and physically on Living Foods
• How to adjust the raw food diet for personal needs
• Raw food product demonstration
• Additional components that make up a healthy raw food lifestyle
• Leading the Level I - Chef Certification Course

recipes chosen:
Rye Bagels
Onion Dip

when: once a month on Saturdays, from 10 am to 6 pm and Sundays,from 10 am to 2 pm
where: 18 Worcester Village Rd, Worcester, VT
cost for Alissa Cohen's Level 2 Certification class: $650. Please call me to register: 802-223-2111.

To see future dates for the Level 2 class, please check my calendar page.

a bit of the calzone. can't eat a whole one of these, that's for sure!

the rye bagel with onion dip as a spread. Delicious!

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