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We are nestled here in the rugged beauty of Central Vermont just north of our state capital. It's a beautiful place to be. We'll post a picture or two once the physical location is ready. But for now, here's a picture of our backyard view:

worcester vermont

In the fall the colors are unbelievable on that hill.

So why did we pick the name VT Fiddle Heads? Well, it's a silly sounding name, for one, and whatever we do has to be fun. Also, we have fiddlehead ferns growing everywhere around here. Fiddleheads are like sacred cows here in New England. They only grow for 2 weeks or so out of the year. They are wild edibles (well, some of them are.) For those of you who don't know what fiddlehead ferns look like, here's another image for you:

fiddlehead fern

Aren't they so cute? They have a swirling spiral head and was the obvious inspiration for our logo:

fiddle heads logo

I love fiddle heads! I want to be a fiddle head! Some people eat fiddlheads raw but mostly they are cooked or pickled. I love the irony of that, don't you? A raw food place called Fiddle Heads! To me, it also implies music and art (artsy fartsy like me) and so it was an easy pick for a name.

When I designed the tee shirt, I wanted to make the logo really showy. I didn't want to just stick the logo on the tee shirt, I wanted to have fun. So I made the tee shirt sing a bit. Don't you agree?

Now onto why raw down below...


Raw food is a great way to eat. It's a great way to live if you ask me. Eating raw foods means eating foods that are fresh, whole, uncooked, minimally-processed organic, seasonal & as much from your own garden as possible. Food such as: fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts (grains, some legumes, seeds), wild edibles, seaweeds & if you'd like, you can add things like super foods & super herbs. You can eat dehydrated goodies like crackers, pizza, enchiladas, lasagnas, meatloaf, etc. Nothing is heated above 105º. No ovens or stoves! No propane! It's not just about salads or munching on raw broccoli! Raw sweeties, by the way, are absolutely DIVINE! Pies, cakes, truffles, fudge, nut milks, ice creams, puddings are among your choices in the sweet department.

The idea is to eat in a way that works for your body. Only your body knows what it truly needs. When you eat more raw/live food, you'll notice that you start to feel better physically, mentally & emotionally. I truly believe that this is a way to get on a "faster track" to opened awareness, greater health & mental clarity. It is my personal opinion that this lifestyle helps me attune better to the polarites of this earth: yin/yang, god/goddess, male/female - whatever you want to call it - I feel that eating live food provides me with a greater shift to the female creation/healing energy. I feel that a natural harmony will exist between the polarities of our bodies, in our health & mental wellbeing & hopefully thus creating that health in our immediate environments (i.e. families, communities, land that you live on, etc.)

Let me be clear that I don't personally subscribe to any one way of doing things. I don't believe there is one way to get to the truth. I'm not interested in teaching anyone how to do things my way. I'm interested in giving you some tools for your toolbelt. Raw food is new for a lot of people - it was totally unheard of to me when I found out about it in 2001. I've learned & continue to learn a lot. It is a journey for me - a "work in progress."

I'd like to share what I can with you to help you incorporate more living foods in your life. So whatever that means to you - if it means a recipe instruction class, a guided raw food challenge, phone & email consultations or helping supply you with raw food supplies, food or meals, then that's what I'd like to do. Your job is to let me know where you are at in this journey & what your needs are with regards to raw food. I'll do my best to help & if I don't personally know, I have resources & ability to fi nd out pretty easily.

Love & many blessings,



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Our mission is to nourish our local and extended community by providing an outlet for commercial and creative endeavors.
Our vision is a healthy and thriving community where imaginations are alive, sustainability is a way of life, and good health abounds.

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